Luxury And Performance Without Compromise

We understand your desire to protect our environment and to be good stewards of our precious natural resources.

We know that conservation can mean sacrifices and compromises.

We have created a patented solution that shower lovers and planet lovers alike enjoy and rave about!


Preserve Your Shower Experience

Epiphany!™ delivers everything you expect from your shower and more…

save gallons of water,

 the energy to heat it and treat it,

while never missing a single drop.

Add to that, about $500 per year in utility savings.

The Smart Shower Standard

5 Minute Install, Portable.

Completely Automatic.

Fully Customizable Through our App.

IoT Integration with Verifiable Data and Smart Home Connectivity.

Consistently save up to 60% on water, energy and waste treatment.



Find out about Epiphany Shower US, our mission, our methods, and how we pay it forward.

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Change the Conservation Conversation.
Make a difference.

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