Kerry's Epiphany

One shower changed the world.

I’ve always loved helping others, caring for animals, and preserving mother nature. After having my own children, it hit me how many children go without the basic needs to survive. I discovered how many children and their families around our world don’t have access to clean water and fresh food. It was more than heartbreaking. It was tragic. Senseless loss of life that could be eradicated by providing water filters, drilling wells for potable water;  providing a way for people to grow and graze their own food sources; and figuring out a sanitation plan to halt the spread of disease. Sometimes the solution is simple. Sometimes it requires a larger effort. As one person, I got that helpless feeling… how could I even begin to make a difference.

Well, I can share that I didn’t know much about non-profits except to volunteer, evangelize, and write checks. But I knew my personal mission had to include getting clean water to everyone along with plenty of food, shelter, medicine, and education. I didn't know how I could make a big enough contribution and impact until the day I had my personal epiphany. Who knew one shower could literally change my world and hopefully our world?

The Epiphany!™ moment takes root.

My epiphany envisioned a device that would work with any showerhead to intuitively and automatically adjust the flow of water I need at precisely the time I need it throughout my shower. Such a device would save more water, energy, and, of course, money than just “squeezing the pipe.” At the same time, it would even eliminate the frustration created by most low flow showerheads.

Being the one with this ah-ha idea and literally seeing what it could do, I had to act on this divine gift. I presented my vision and the biggest ASK of my life to my partner, Robert: "Will you help me build it and the company to support it?" I am beyond thankful and grateful for his "Yes" and for so many other yeses from my family, team members, and early supporters. It is their love, trust, and faith in me, my vision and what has become our collective mission that has gotten me through days and periods when I felt defeated, exhausted, not worthy, fearful, doubtful and even hospitalized fighting for my life. I am forever thankful for their unwavering support.

What could have broken my spirit, been received as way too much risk, too much sacrifice, and just too much to handle has actually been the greatest gift of personal discovery and growth, relationships that I only dreamed of, and incredible opportunities for me and for us to truly make a difference here and around the world. We get to be part of the solution. We got to create a brand-new category in plumbing! We get to choose who we work with and stay true to our vision and deliver on our mission.

Bringing our Epiphany!™ moment to you.

Believe me when I say that a startup is not for the faint of heart. You must be all in, and you'd better have Plan A-Z because you're going to go through L, M, N, O, P before you are done!

The past 10 years have been spent working on the 'How' and now my Epiphany!™ team and I are just weeks away from starting tooling. It's been a journey filled with incredible challenges, obstacles, life-changing decisions and incredible sacrifices that my family and I have made. It’s been a journey where our faith and core values have been tested… repeatedly. There were days and even months that I didn't know how the hell we were going to survive. So much invested, so much debt… I mean all skin in! But, when you see the finish line and ask, “Would I do this again?” I say, “Absolutely!”

This woman, the little girl from Torrance, CA, the granddaughter of a rancher, is so proud that she gets to share with the world what a dream, courage, will, desire to learn, absolute faith and belief, persistence, clear vision, contagious passion, a best friend and partner, a dedicated team, and the dearest friends, family, coaches, investors and supporters can do when we all come together in service to others.

Please join me and your Epiphany! team as we work to bring our technology and products to the world to save our most precious natural resource, and partner with others to get water and food to all.

With so much love and gratitude,