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Innovation meets emotion

Epiphany!™ Digital Flow Optimizer™ (DFO) is the world's first intelligent shower designed specifically for you to provide the most intimate, one-of-a-kind experience, ever. Luxury, performance, conservation, and savings delivered without compromise.

Experience it for

Imagine your perfect shower every time. Epiphany!™ uses patented technology to transform your daily shower by subtly and continuously adjusting the flow of water, leaving you feeling replenished, refreshed, and revitalized.

Shower your way

Your shower experience should be as individual as you are. Epiphany!™ senses when you are shaving your legs or face, or if you are just washing off the day or night. Epiphany’s App enables you to customize your experience and recall it at the touch of a button.

The Epiphany!™ Experience

Experience the first intelligent shower device that uses patented, state-of-the-art technology to automatically adjust water flow based on your movements, working between your existing showerhead and water source.


Turn on your shower. When the water reaches your preferred temperature, the flow reduces to a trickle.

Full Flow

When you step into the shower and the ultrasound sensor detects you beneath the showerhead enjoy full flow.

Variable Flow

When you naturally move around to lather, shampoo or shave, Epiphany!™ continuously adjusts the water flow to meet your every move and need.

Saving without effort

Shower the way you want. Save like never before and never miss a drop. Epiphany’s App and IoT technology precisely collects water and energy usage to verify your savings on every shower.

Your Shower - Your Data

Verify your savings

The Epiphany!™ App and IoT technology precisely collects water and energy usage to verify your savings on every shower. 

Smartest shower ever!

Our optional IntuiData™ technology enables you to store and recall data to track and analyze your water and energy usage patterns. Setting and meeting your conservation goals helps you save water, the planet, and money.

Privacy is important

Epiphany!™ preserves your shower experience and your right to protect the data that your shower generates.

Install Epiphany!™ yourself in five minutes or less

It works with most showerheads and shower

setups including hand-held shower wands.

Step 1: Remove your showerhead by loosening the nut above it. Remove any mineral deposits or old Teflon tape from the shower arm threads.

Step 2: Wrap new Teflon tape around the shower arm thread and attach the Epiphany!™ DFO onto the shower arm.

Step 3: Attach your showerhead to Epiphany!™

Step 4: Enjoy your shower, and perhaps have an epiphany of your own.

Make a statement

The aesthetic indulgence of our iconic design and our meticulous attention to detail and quality defines Epiphany!™. 

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